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    Davie County NC












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    I Call North Carolina Home.

    Small Town, Country Living.


    I'm Julianne and this is my family.


    I was born in North Carolina and I've been a Davie County resident for 30 years. My husband, Mike, is a native Davie resident and my children grew up here.


    I am passionate about real estate and history. Architectural styles, craftsmanship, and unique qualities of homes inspire me.


    Investing in homes, neighborhoods, and beautiful rural settings while maintaining the unique integrity of each is my heart's desire. I hope to contribute creative housing solutions for the working class folks without compromising our rural and agricultural communities.


    Your hometown helper. Ethical and trustworthy.








    Philippians 4:13- I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.




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  • Davie County NC

    A great place to live and work! Our rural and agricultural communities are thriving!

    Economic Development

    The economic development in the county is nothing short of amazing...but the working class folks providing labor for these new companies need affordable housing.

    Empty Homes and vacant rural land

    There are solutions and you can help!

    • I would like to purchase small rural tracts of land and provide tiny home housing
    • I would also love to restore older vacant homes and fill them with love and laughter once again
    • I am passionate about history and would like to permanently honor the former families of these older homes

    Good solutions that would

    • Restore the beauty and honor the history of older homes
    • Memorialize the family and history of the home
    • Maintain rural and agricultural integrity by eliminating the need for new construction large multi-family complexes
    • Provide affordable housing for individuals or small families
    • Provide jobs for local small business construction teams
    • Neighborhood improvement
  • How It Works



    Simply Reach Out!

    You can text, call, or email. You can provide as much or as little information as you feel comfortable providing. We can initially communicate in any way you feel most comfortable. No high pressure!


    Let me know a good time

    for us to meet at the property and talk. If you live too far away to meet at the property, let me know when I could access the property and we can communicate during my visit.


    I can help.

    I will make an offer. You can either accept or not. My feelings won't be hurt and I will have hopefully made a new friend in the process.

  • What's YOUR reason?

    It might not fit in one of these boxes as there are many reasons people sell their homes. Different personalities and unique situations.

    Facing Foreclosure?

    Sometimes unfortunate events fall upon good people...and when life comes at you with unexpected circumstances, it can be overwhelming and mentally exhausting.


    I understand and I care.


    Enter the no judgment zone. With empathy and compassion, I will do my best to help you quickly resolve your issue. Keep that foreclosure off your credit report and give you a fresh start with some cash to get started.


    Changed Jobs?



    I hope this is a wonderful opportunity for you. But moving can be stressful. I know. I spent most of my childhood moving (often).


    If you only have a few weeks to get moved and settled in a new place, you don't have time to worry about your house sitting on the MLS for months.


    Let's get this done!!!!


    Did you inherit a property that needs work? Or a rental property that you don't have time to handle?


    Being a landlord is often time consuming, costly in upkeep, and maintaining good tenants can be challenging.


    I can help take that burden off your shoulders and put some cash in your pocket. I'm sure you could probably use a vacation (can't we all?!).



    It's not something pleasant or enjoyable.


    Let me help you get a fresh start and move forward in life. Isn't it just nice to know you have someone that understands? I'd love to help make this part of the process as worry and stress free as possible.


    Sometimes it's hard to imagine what tomorrow looks like, but it will get better and you have a beautiful future ahead of you.


    I'll be your cheerleader!

    Loss of a Loved One.

    First, let me say I'm SO SORRY for your loss.


    Seriously one of life's most difficult times. It's especially difficult if you live far away. Jobs and families need you there.


    Emptying a house to get it on the market, then waiting for "just the right buyer" can be overwhelming.


    Selling the property is important, but if you also need to empty the home, I'm a history fanatic and place a great deal of importance on historic family keepsakes. I can help empty the home and make sure personal heirlooms stay in your family.


    Hoarder Home

    First of all, please don't be ashamed or embarrassed.


    I am all too familiar with reasons and seasons that cause people to "collect" things.


    What others may see as junk or trash could be highly valued by someone else. Even the most common items would be a step up for those with less. Creative thinking and local networking can keep useful items out of the landfills and provide common household items to those that could use a "hand up" (battered women, Veterans, and hard working families)


    Moving into Assisted Living or Nursing Care

    It's much more difficult when you live far away and it is a sudden or unexpected event.


    If you're responsible for this move and the property needs to be sold to help with care expenses, please reach out! I'll do everything I can to help you through the transition as quickly or slowly as you need.


  • Contact

    People and Communities are important.

    I understand.

    I care.